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It's A Holly World After All

Starry Night

Welcome all to the Holly World's new home on the web--FortuneCity! Geocities was being really annoying with that Watermark thing and all, so I decided to move to a nicer place. Right now there isn't anything here yet, but give me time and computer space and I'll have the Holly World up again.

Table of Contents

Phantom's Palace: A Tribute to POTO
Jali's Jedi Academy
Bigfoot's Den on the Web
Stop and Smell the Roses
Webring Advancement
Once Upon A Time: A Mini Diary
adultsim.gif Who Am I?: The Biography
Writer's Corner
My Favourite Movies
These Are A Few of My Favourite Places
Want to go Clubbing?
Holly World Center for Webring Advancement
Six Degrees of the Simpsons

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